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ASA Invitation Program

Invitation video to join the Australian Submission Academy (ASA), founded by Prof. Burak Sarman, a 17-time national champion.

How the Opportunity Started

The Australian Submission Academy (ASA), a prestigious institution founded by the renowned 17X National Champion, Prof Burak Sarman, approached our team with an exciting opportunity. Recognizing the power of social media in connecting with potential students, ASA sought to leverage the captivating format of Instagram Reels to amplify their reach and attract new participants to their esteemed program.

With Prof Burak Sarman as the driving force behind ASA’s success, our team was tasked with crafting a compelling video series that would showcase his expertise and charisma. The goal was to create a series of Instagram Reels that would not only introduce Prof Sarman to a wider audience but also extend a personal invitation to join the ASA program and embark on a transformative journey of learning and growth.

By combining Prof Sarman’s magnetic presence with our team’s creative storytelling abilities, we aimed to craft a visually engaging and impactful video campaign that would resonate with aspiring students and enthusiasts alike, igniting their passion for the art of submission and inspiring them to join ASA’s elite ranks.

How Our Team Managed the Project

With a deep understanding of the Australian Submission Academy’s vision and the influential persona of Prof Burak Sarman, our team approached this project with strategic precision and creativity. We crafted a series of captivating Instagram Reels that not only introduced Prof Sarman to a wider audience but also provided a glimpse into his lifestyle and credentials, bolstering his credibility and appeal to potential students.

Through visually compelling storytelling, we showcased Prof Sarman’s journey, his achievements, and his passion for the art of submission. Each reel was meticulously crafted to resonate with aspiring students, igniting their enthusiasm and inspiring them to join the ranks of ASA’s elite program.

Moreover, recognizing the significance of ASA’s recent expansion, we incorporated a dedicated reel that highlighted the academy’s new state-of-the-art headquarters in Australia.

This strategic move not only showcased ASA’s growth and commitment to providing world-class facilities but also instilled a sense of pride and excitement among existing and prospective students alike.

By seamlessly blending Prof Sarman’s magnetic presence with ASA’s cutting-edge facilities and rich history, our team delivered a series of Instagram Reels that resonated deeply with the target audience.

This innovative social media campaign played a pivotal role in driving awareness, fostering connections, and ultimately attracting a new wave of passionate individuals to embark on their submission journey with the Australian Submission Academy.

  • Date

    January 2024

  • Client Name

    Australian Submission Academy