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Access Analytics

Access Analytic: Enabling business growth through powerful data solutions since 2000.

How the Opportunity Started

Access Analytic is a leading company that provides amazing solutions for Power BI, Microsoft Excel, and budgeting software since 2000. They help businesses grow by using data effectively.

Now, Access Analytic needs a content creation team to make new tutorials. The goal is to create tutorials showing how to use ChatGPT with Excel, Word, and Outlook programs. This will make it easier for their clients to get work done.

Access Analytic wants two tutorial videos, and they need to be finished within two weeks. The videos must follow Access Analytic’s style and requirements exactly. This is a great chance for a creative team to work with experts at Access Analytic.

Together, we can shape the future of using data to help businesses succeed.

How Our Team Managed the Project

Our team at Content Creator Company tackled Access Analytic’s project with efficiency and precision. Within the tight two-week deadline, we successfully completed two comprehensive tutorial videos, covering the integration of ChatGPT with Excel, Word, and Outlook. Adhering strictly to Access Analytic’s requirements and branding guidelines, we ensured a seamless representation of their corporate identity.

To enhance the learning experience for their audience, we employed engaging motion graphics throughout the tutorials. This visual approach facilitated easy comprehension of complex concepts, making the content accessible and enjoyable for viewers. Our meticulous attention to detail, combined with our creative flair, resulted in a final product that not only met but exceeded Access Analytic’s expectations.

Through our structured project management process, we maintained open communication channels with the client, ensuring their input was incorporated at every stage. This collaborative approach enabled us to deliver a polished end product that resonated with Access Analytic’s vision and resonated with their target audience.

Below are the videos we made for them:

  • Date

    May 2023

  • Client Name

    Access Analytics