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BCI Summit Seminar

A promotional video for BCI Summit seminar event on New York.

How the Opportunity Started

The opportunity to showcase our storytelling abilities emerged when we were approached by BCI Summit, a prestigious private networking organization that brings together the world’s leading tech executives.

BCI Summit is renowned for facilitating invaluable peer insights, fostering partnerships, and providing a platform for exploring critical technologies through in-person gatherings, virtual roundtables, and ongoing executive collaboration programs.

With an upcoming seminar in New York, they recognized the need for a captivating promotional video that would not only highlight the event but also effectively communicate the essence of their organization and the value they bring to their members.

This project presented us with the exciting challenge of encapsulating BCI Summit’s mission, expertise, and the transformative impact they have on the tech industry into a compelling visual narrative.

How Our Team Managed the Project

When tasked with creating a promotional video for BCI Summit’s prestigious New York seminar, our team approached the project with a deep reverence for the client’s vision and a commitment to delivering a final product that would exceed expectations.

We understood the critical importance of capturing the essence of BCI Summit’s mission – fostering executive collaboration, partnerships, and insights into cutting-edge technologies.

Through a meticulously planned and executed creative process, our talented team of storytellers, videographers, and editors crafted a captivating visual narrative that seamlessly wove together the key elements requested by BCI Summit.

The promotional video not only highlighted the upcoming New York event but also provided a compelling glimpse into the organization’s core values, showcasing the transformative impact it has on the tech industry by bringing together the world’s leading executives.

We meticulously ensured that every frame, every transition, and every aspect of the video aligned with BCI Summit’s brand identity, creating a cohesive and immersive experience that resonated with their discerning audience.

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  • Date

    April 2023

  • Client Name

    BCI Summit