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CHA CHA Project

CHA CHA is a eco-friendly hand car wash service, where convenience meets sustainability! Using a unique process that prioritizes the environment and ensures clients’ vehicles receives a gentle clean.

How the Opportunity Started

CHA CHA is an innovative car service with a groundbreaking concept: using only a bucket of water to clean vehicles, eliminating the need for chemical soaps that can harm the environment.

Due to this eco-friendly approach, CHA CHA is in search of a creative team to produce an introductory video showcasing their services. The video will seamlessly blend footage and motion graphics, aiming to leave a positive and lasting first impression on their potential audience.

How Our Team Managed the Project

Our team successfully crafted the requested introductory video for CHA CHA’s services, skillfully combining relevant footage with engaging motion graphics to deliver a flawless first impression to their potential audiences.

Even with the tight deadline set by CHA CHA, we managed to complete the video within a week, ensuring both efficiency and high-quality production. The CHA CHA team expressed high satisfaction with our services, acknowledging our ability to create a video that effectively communicates their message to the audience.

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  • Date

    August 2023 – August 2023

  • Client Name

    CHA CHA – Eco-Friendly Hand Car Wash Service