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Tiny Tattoos Project

Tiny Tattoos is a tattoo studio that takes care of beauty care and by making tiny tattoos for their clientele.

How the Opportunity Started

The owner of Tiny Tattoos studio is looking for new students and clientele for her tiny tattoo business. She sees that tiny tattoos are a trending business with significant potential in the coming future. Therefore, the owner is seeking the perfect team to serve as her content creators and manage her social media projects to expand her business to a wider audience.

How Our Team Managed the Project

The owner of Tiny Tattoos studio is eagerly collaborating with our team to create engaging content, aiming to attract more students and clientele for her business.

We stay in tune with the current trends on social media, employing a modern style and incorporating fast-paced, upbeat songs that are currently popular on Instagram Reels. Our approach is tailored to the owner’s preferences regarding the look, color scheme, and overall vibe of her contests.

To date, the content managed by our team for Tiny Tattoos studio has been instrumental in attracting numerous students and generating sales from new clientele. The main Instagram account for Tiny Tattoos has reached an impressive 113K followers and continues to grow.

You can view examples of our work below.

  • Date

    October 2023 – Now

  • Client Name

    Tiny Tattoos